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What is Master Cancel?

  • The Master Cancel program that enables property managers to offer flexible terms & conditions to their guests.
  • The program reimburses the property manager for cancellations that occur two (2) days or more prior to check-in, but no greater than sixty (60) days prior to check-in.
    • Example: For a Saturday check-in date, Friday and Saturday would not be covered.
    • However, Thursday cancellations back to the 60th day before the check-in date would be covered.
  • Property Managers enhance guest satisfaction through flexible cancellation terms & conditions.
  • Flexible terms & conditions result in more bookings, additional OTA discounts, and favorable OTA Placement in their online listing portals.
  • Property Managers are reimbursed for lost booking revenue resulting from the guest-friendly cancellation terms & conditions.
  • Property Managers protect the revenue earned from bookings for both their company and the owners they represent, not just the initial deposits.
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