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How it works

  • You (the property owner/manager) incorporate the new flexible guest cancellation terms into your Terms and Conditions.
  • You use Master Cancel as a marketing tool to gain more bookings by: a) providing guests with additional flexible cancellation terms; b) qualifying for OTA channel management discounts; c) favourable placement on OTA websites due to flexible cancellation terms.
  • The Master Cancel programme cost is included in all of your bookings at an additional charge of X% per booking (cost determined once historical cancellation data analyzed).
  • Master Cancel is included with all bookings, giving all guests that book with your management company comprehensive and flexible cancellation terms.
  • Master Cancel reimburses you (the property owner/agency) for lost booking income, and you reimburse guests for cancellations. Reimbursements for eligible cancelled bookings are offset by related re-booking amount paid to the underwriter.
  • Reimbursement requests are filed through:
  • The easy-to-use cancellation portal makes the process simple for you.
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