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How does Master Cancel benefit Property Managers?

By providing Master Cancel and its flexible cancellation terms & conditions to every guest, Property Managers:

  1. Enable guests to cancel from 60 days up to and including 2 days before check-in date.
  2. Property Manager will then refund guest deposit or full payment, then claim 100% of the booking value (less a 10% deductible) if the dates don’t get re-booked.
    1. If the property re-books for at least 50% of the original amount, the 10% deductible is waived.
  3. Motivates potential guests to book with You because of Your flexible cancellation terms & conditions.
  4. The program covers all booking sources, including OTA bookings that are confirmed.
  5. By participating in Master Cancel and adopting flexible cancellation terms & conditions, you qualify for commission discounts and favorable listing placement with OTAs.
  6. Qualifies Vacation Rental Managers like You for:
    1. Channel management discounts with certain OTA’s (Airbnb and others).
    2. Favorable placement within OTA websites listing pages.
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